Honey and Clover


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Nomiya Takumi

Teshigawara Miwako

7 апреля, полдень. Тепло, малооблачно, слабый ветер.

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Полезные ссылки

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Википедия на английском.
Википедия на русском.
Хороший список сэйю первого и второго сезонов.
Красивый официальный сайт аниме на японском.
Переведенная на русский манга.



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Вот тут очень хорошая рецензия на второй сезон Меда и клевера



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I didn't wait long. A few minutes later, Jess went outside. She was wearing a black miniskirt, pink blouse and black shoes. On the face was a very beautiful make-up. And the slender, tanned legs were so beautiful that I wanted to fall on my knees and lick them. We got into the car and drove to the city.
I turned around and heard enthusiastic exclamations, after which I felt two hands on my buttocks.
She took off her panties and bent over, resting her hands on me, I held her shoulders. Volodya inserted a member into her from behind and began to rub my wife's vagina with cancer. I had never read about such a situation and did not know what I should do. I silently watched what was happening. I was glad that Olya liked it, she pushed Volodin's cock with counter movements, then groaned softly. Volodya picked up the pace and finished in convulsions.
My name is Dima. I am 24 years old. I am a tall dark haired guy. From an early age I was raised only by my father, since my mother died. I remember how poor we lived, but over time, my father got a job as a sound engineer at the studio and began to earn good money. A few years later I entered the institute, which I graduated last year.
One slept with his back to the wall, the other on his back. His shorts were pulled up, and a member was sticking out from under them. He was so big, I looked at him for a few seconds and then I realized that I wanted him. But what about the husband? I went out to the platform, the thought did not leave me, about this big cock with a huge head, I was shaking with the desire to feel it inside me. And then, the issue was resolved, by itself.
Honey, are you home?
It was unusual to walk like this together after 10 years of marriage, they chatted about nonsense, went to different eateries, tried local food and drinks, sometimes alcohol. Diving into an empty, narrow lane, he pressed her against the wall and began to kiss. She answered happily, wrapping her arms around him. His hands walked under her skirt, stroking her hips and ass, it turned her on very much. The skirt rose, exposing her legs, and if someone passed by, he would admire her tanned skin.


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Вы здесь » Honey and Clover » Мир "Меда и клевера" » Полезные ссылки